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What is the game?
Unnamed is a game where you start of by creating your kingdom. You choose your color, talbard design, king, and voice to customize your playing experience. Durning the story you travel the world defeating kingdoms to make yourself the most feared army around. Multiplayer may be an option. The gameplay itself will be similar to the popular arcade game Pong, where you stand oposing your enemy while juggling a projectile back and fourth against each other. You play as a knight defending your king, standing atop a castle, against an apposing knight doing the same. The object of the game is to destroy the opposing enemys castle and capture there king. After defeating a kindom it becomes yours, allowing you to battle another ajesent kingdom. During the game powerups can be collected (by hitting peasents, other knights, etc...) running through the field. The knights themselves bounce back and fourth a boulder flung from one sides catapult. The powerups provide special abilitys (knocking the opposing enemy down with a direct shot, chosing the tragectory* of the rock, archers shooting towards the opposing castle) which are used to help collapse the enemys castle.

Why create this game?
We are creating this game not only to provide the gaming community with a new twist on an old classic but to try an establish ourselves as successful game developers.

Where does the game take place?
The game will take place on one continent of the world. You will play again oposing kingdoms on the same continent. As you defeat a kingdom you then gain control of it, progressing through the world. The game is set in a fantasy/medievil world when knights, kings, and magic ruled the world.

What do I control?
You control a knight of your army during all aspects of play. On the world overview screen you control your king, choosing where he will go next to attack.

What is the main focus?
You, as the player, travel the world defeating kingdoms to make yourself the most feared army around.

What's different?
The difference between this and any basic pong game is story, variation, and attention to detail. Many Pong styled games dont try to innovate while we are striving to add life to the gameplay, instead of recreating it. We also pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creating an enriching and enjoyable gameplay experience throughout.

So whats going to happen first?
Milestone 1:
The first milestone for "KingPong" will be creating a demo of basic gameplay that will be released here on GameDev for testing bugs but also fun factor, making sure its enjoyable.

Many interesting things will be coming very soon, that I can assure you. It should also be mentioned that TimeKilla was created for testing some technology for "KingPong" so for a sneak peak at what the "KingPong" will have to offer, make sure to check it out!
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Glad to see C:KP finally get going! Wish you good luck, SSG.

(And don't forget to poke me on MSN a little more often! :P)

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