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General Update

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I'd like to open this entry with an appropriate tautology:
Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza. Dave Barry
(I'm typing this whilst eating pizza and drinking a beer)

Haven't updated in a while - I've almost fallen off the journal listing. Been quite busy:

I somehow clocked up over 500 posts to the forums in January 2006. No wonder I was predicting my exams went badly... As a random bit of trivia, I account for approximately 12% of all replies to threads in the DirectX forum for last month - 297 to be precise.

I also appear to have suffered a hard-disk failure as a result of some MDX/.Net 2 code. Go figure how that happened. Running Pieter's entry for the ImagineCup kept freezing up my computer and eventually hard-reset on me. Restarted it and got a "critical error" warning about an element in my RAID array. I think got loads of delayed write errors and my files kept disappearing.

Unplugged the faulty drive and everythings back as usual just un-mirrored. A task for tomorrow is to extract the failed disk and send it back to Seagate for replacement. Thanks to RAID-1 I haven't lost a byte. Yay for RAID!

I've had to put "Return To Fruit World" on the shelf for a bit. I need to crack on with my dissertation instead. I've been writing code for days now and it still doesn't draw anything beyond a completely white screen - it's really quite disappointing. Takes up 55mb of VRAM to do that as well.

Part of the reason for the completely white screen is that I have no geometry to render. Thus I picked up a copy of Blender 2.41 and am working my way through Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. I may give up and see about buying in some assets (I want that vacuum cleaner Neil!).

Check out Washu's latest journal entry for a good discussion on a wish-list (of sorts) for this very journalling system. Be sure to add your thoughts if you have any [wink]

I sat though an MVP Live Meeting on Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview this evening. Couldn't really keep up - there was a huge lag on the powerpoint slides and the audio occasionally dropped out. But I picked up a whole load of useful bits-n-pieces. Strikes me that the USP will be security - the GUI/presentation side of things probably won't be anything that isn't a "been there, done that".

I know all good journals must have pictures. I'll see about getting my current project drawing something worthy of posting by tomorrow [grin]
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