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"Soothe your eyes:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_theme_switcher() in c:\hosting\webhost4life\member\sgvisual\sg2\wp-content\themes\spheregames\sidebar.php on line 14"

I like the layout and the colors.

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Only had time for a quick look, but the thing that immediately stuck out at me was the horizontal scrolling on the code windows.

To see the full lines of your code snippets I have to scroll across from the bottom. However, the actual main part of your page only takes up ~60% of the width of my display. That unused border space looks nice, but it's impeading on the functionality. Less border should mean no scrolling for the source code = good [smile]


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Jesse: Sorry, I was playing around a bit with some theme stuff "live" and I broke it... hehe, it should be ok now.

Jack: You're absolutely right, I'll see what I can do about that =)


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