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The trigger is officially pulled

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Okay, the protection stuff went a tad faster than expected, and I was able to pull together a second daily puzzle in a hurry (actually, the game was already written. It was just a matter of shoe-horning the update stuff into it).

The upshot is that for the first time in who-knows-how-long, you can actually play games on thecodezone.com again!

So, point your browser to http://www.thecodezone.com/games.html and try 'em out now! There's nothing to download and nothing that will futz with your machine. It's just little puzzles that you can play in your browser.

Try 'em out and post feedback. Good, bad, or whatever.

On to some bizness. My links to the actually game pages are about as boring as. . .well. . .some sort of boring thing. I want some cool looking buttons or icons or such that'll compel people to go to the page and play the game. Any thoughts?
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I tried to figure out ChessCards and I found that it's UNPOSSIBLE.. hehe, just kidding, I guess I should've read the instructions a bit more, but I've never been to good with puzzle games, unless the puzzle involves shooting at nazi's with an M1... those I'm good at.

Now, Voracity Daily Puzzle is pretty cool, I like puzzles that I can pretty much figure out how they work within a click or two.

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