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Layoffs Suck

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I hate layoffs. Just in general. Even when you "survive", it's suddenly not such a fun place to work any more.

I've been through far too many of them it seems - comes from working in the computer industry for so long I suppose. I understand why they happen. I even (sort of) understand the rationale for "springing" it on people en masse with no warning and no time to prepare, but it's still just unpleasant all around.

The good news, I suppose, is that the game industry seems to be in a hiring mood in general. Or at least it seems to be based on how many recruiter calls I (and others) seem to get these days. At least the people leaving should pretty easily find more jobs.

But still.
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I agree, I survived one and it was terrible, I hated seeing nice and talented people "leave", and after the ones that got laid off left, the others that are upset at the company or the industry leave as well, suddenly the place feels real empty and dark.

It's a terrible thing.

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Went through that before, it sucks alot.
All of my friends got chopped in one blow leaving me with most of their project loads. Wasn't happy after that.

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