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Rob Loach


First order of business is to state that the infamous coldacid gave me one of his Ubuntu packages so right now I'm running off the Ubuntu Live CD. Click on the thumbnail on the right to see what I'm looking at right now.

It's using Gnome at the moment and I wish I had more time to check out KDE, but I'm just too busy. I have to get a new computer one of these days so I can make this one my Linux sandbox [wink].

Portable Applications

John Haller has setup a new website dedicated to giving applications the ability to run off of USB keys named PortableApps.com. He uses NSIS scripts to make a launcher for the programs which effectively makes them "portable" and able to run on USB keys without leaving anything behind (nothing saved in the registery or harddrive). It's perfect for schools or work where you're going to be using a different computer quite frequently. One of the most famous programs is Portable Firefox.

I've become interested in this and plan on trying my hand at making some applications "portable" with NSIS scripts. The only experience I've had with NSIS was making an install program for ScreenCap. Making applications portable via NSIS will give me experience and I'll eventually be able to do some pretty neat stuff with it. We'll just have to wait and see.

Random Interest

That would be so much fun.
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I test drove an iGo electric about a year ago. It's lots of fun, but its top speed is throttled to 25 MPH in the US. If I lived in a dense city situation, I'd probably have one.

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