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Week/Session 3

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Yesterday was fairly boring. Basically all we did was work our way through the first programming tutorial and two parts of the second tutorial from the GameMaker site. However, rather than let us see the Game Maker files for the projects we were presented with the executables and the resource files and had to code the Game Maker games ourselves. I suppose this is a reasonable approach for an beginner course, but it still seemed like the pace could have been brought up a bit.
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I presume you can't push the pace at all? or try and do any "extended" material whilst giving everyone else time to catch-up?


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I tried pushing the pace as much as possible: answering instructor questions, etc. but that gets old fast. On the plus side I'm practically guaranteed full points for the participation part of the course grade. So instead I went through a few of the other GameMaker tutorials.

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