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The results are in!

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When I finally crawled out of bed today I found a letter from the college I'm attending waiting for me, the content of which was my results from last semester..

Object Analysis & Design : 2:1 (aka 60%+, more than I was expecting if I'm honest, this wasnt my weakest subject but I didnt think I could bluff that well.. )
Object Implimentation : 1 (aka 70%+, if I hadnt got that then I'd be throwing myself off a building right now to be honest)
Database Management : Defered (aka You screwed up)

The database management module went about as well as I expected, however defered isnt a huge problem, it just means I probably cant get more than a third and I have to resubmit my first assignment before April 24th, not a huge problem in the grand scheme of things.

Return to college this tuesday (9am start, the bastids as I'm out until 1am the night before...) with three new fun modules todo..

- Research Methods (lead into final year project)
- Application Building (more Java bollox, this time with GUIs!)
- Comparative Methologies (you know, I should really look at what this one is about... )

Tonight I intend on getting some GP2x stuff done, i've not done owt the last few days to a fun old bout of depression, but as I'm over that I'm eyeing up that 2nd processor...
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Not a bad set of results [smile]

What course is it you do then?

My results are, apparently, out on 15th February. I don't think it'll be pretty.


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