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Trip is back on. 90% sure

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It seems I now fly out tomorrow morning, with a somewhat upside down schedule... damn stupid money hungry airlines... they f'd me up on purpose from what I can gather. I'd complain tomorrow, but then they'd probably spit in my crappy airplane food, I'm not sure if that'd be an improvement, but still.

On game development related news, this morning I got the rest of the 3d transformations to work properly, and I now have a rotating triangle that is also moving along the Z axis with perspective projection.

Next step will be to get the textured polygon rasterizer, and then I'll finally be able to check if the BSP code is working, and I believe it is.

I was also very happy that with all the transformations, I didn't lose much in terms of framerate, it did go down a tiny but, but it's just a fraction, so it's good, it also means that the fixed point math is doing what it's supposed to, and that makes me happy.
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