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More problems with Nvidia Cards.

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I seem to be having some problems with additive blending and Nvidia cards.

It seems like, when the additive blended values of pixels gets too high, the pixels end up rendering in black instead of white. It creates some issues with one of the pixel shaders I wrote. I may be misinterpreting this, so any help / advise is appreciated.

Here's some examples of the problem I'm having with my pixel shaders:

Here's an example that does not involve my pixel shader:

I don't seem to be having this issue on ATI cards. Anyone have an idea as to what the problem is?
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Looks like an overflow issue to me (i.e. you're wrapping past 255/1.0/whatever and dropping back to 0 instead of clamping). But then again, I know absolutely nothing about shaders, and additive blending always kind of messed with my head, so I may be totally off base.

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