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No more visible progress

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So I've spent a fair bit of today slaving over my C++ code for no particular results.

Most of my work has been regarding generic mesh loading. I want to accept any incoming .X file mesh, but the engine only wants it in a particular format - position/normal/binormal/tangent/texcoord. This is simply so it fits the lighting model.

Taking advantage of some other things, the code just loads in the .X and performs a series of crazy cloning and modification and generates a tangent frame. Means that theres a good chance some source data will be lost in this process - but that's acceptable for now.

In the process of doing this I came across this debug output:
Unable to create consistent tangent frames in this mesh without splitting vertices
I was pretty sure that cleaning the mesh and specifying that it remove bow-ties should sort this. Apparently not. Ended up rolling my own code that splits vertices. Inefficient, but again, acceptable for the time being.

So my code technically compiles with 0 errors and 0 warnings, and there are no reported errors at runtime. Yet there's nothing on-screen [bawling]

Time to put on my debugging hat.

<-- EDIT -- >

I did. So here, in all it's most amazing glory is my current project:

I thought it was necessary to point out the complete lack of eye-candy, yet the fact it's consuming over 22mb of Video RAM in the process [rolleyes]
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