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Tool shed

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It has been some time now since my last journal post and I really should keep this habit going otherwise it will just get lost in the clutter of my mind like so many other things. Now that you all can see that I am still very much alive I should tell you what I have been up to. For the lack of a better saying I have been stuck in the tool shed. I have working on so many things for a long time that I really had to get down to fixing and updating our tools. For like the past two months there have been some very obvious bugs in the tools that we have just been working around but it finally got to the point where these bugs were preventing any real work from being done. So I been cracking the old whip on myself and burning the midnight oil to hammer out these problems and sharpen up all the tools again. There is really nothing much more to report on this other than I have been very physically and mentally exaushted lately. On another note I am thinking of getting back into robotics once I feel like I have enough freely available funds to do so comfortably.
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One of the most damaging and common mistakes I've seen in software development teams is neglecting the importance of easy-to-use, powerful tools. Even a tiny bit of automation can spare a huge amount of pain and effort over time.

Tool-sharpening is hard and sometimes politically thankless work, but it's one of the most noble jobs to be done.

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