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The EL update is scheduled this weekend (Sunday, I guess), so in the past few days I was busy fixing some minor server bugs and adding a few new NPCs to sell some of the new items.
I am not really happy on the state the client is now (a few graphic glitches and it freezes on my computer every once in a while) but no one else (that I know) has stability problems with it so I guess it is a problem with my computer or ATI drivers.

Meanwhile my side project is going fine, I finished placing buildings in the base, and realized that I need a type of buttons where if you keep them pressed they will call for a specific callback function, so I have to make those buttons in order to be able to increase or decrease the number of constructors working at a building (by default, no constructors are allocated, the player has to chose how many should work).

Once I finish that, I will post a new screenshot.
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