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Alright, time to semi-reveal what I've been working on for the past few weeks. I've been working on an idea for a GDNet column called Spotlight which shines a light on various Indie Game Development teams. In this column, we're looking at showing the world what happens in Indie studios and are covering everything from their game concepts (in the form of 'first look' previews), the release of their game (in the form of reviews), a postmortem of their game and interviews and development discussions with the members of their teams. This column is a break from the technical side and resembles more of a magazine-style feature writeup and we've got some great people working with us for this initial round of articles.

The rundown for the initial launch is planned as follows:-

Issue #1 features a first look preview of Reactor Interactive's Sector 13. They've come a long way with this game and you already know that this game is going to be very special. Time to go through the editing process and spice in the form of pictures (and hopefully a video!).

Issue #2 is being headed up by Kazgoroth (Jason Adams) and features a first look preview of 0 A.D. by Wilfdire Games. Again, this is another promising game that's coming straight out of an indie studio. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jason will show us with this game.

boolean (Nigel McConnochie) is working on Spotlight #3 which features a postmortem of Morning's Wrath from Ethereal Darkness Interactive. We'll be looking at the development of the game and trying to extract pearls of wisdom for other Indie developers to take and use in their own projects.

Last (but not least), Issue #4 sees us heading back to the Wildfire Games camp for a look at their development studio and processes. We'll speak to their members and find out what life is like as an Indie developer.

This column has taken up my life for the past few weeks; it's taken over all of my own development projects for the time being ;)

Let's hope you guys will like it! :)
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I suppose I've already said it, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the final results [grin]

It is going to be a front-page feature rather than just in your journal, right?


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Awesomeness. If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's game postmortems.

Or maybe pie.

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Just a quick note that Tao.PhysFs has been tested on Linux through Mono and it worked perfectly... Cheers! Thanks for that DLL build!

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