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Days 2/3

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February 3rd, 2006, Friday - Weight: 114k . BM. 7h . 3

* Woke up feeling a bit hot in the forehead, but that has gone away. My shoulders still feel a bit "heavy", but I think that is slowly going away too.
* Went to the bathroom, pee was very very dark today, a sign I think that my body has started eliminating all that bad stuff and flushing it through the ureia.
* Had some grapes, a yogurt and a glass of soy milk for breakfast, and along the morning, had some snacks of dates, figs, wallnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc...
* Around lunch time I feel sleepy, but not today. I feel totaly awake and I'm loving it :D
* For supper I'm having a bowl of soy milk with kellogs and a yogurt in there to bulk it up a notch.

February 2nd, 2006, Tuesday - Weight: 114k . 7h . 2

* Started the day off with a handful of grapes, a glass of soy milk, and a banana, but woke up late and didnt have time to prepare a decent meal.
* The headache has lasted all day long, but subsided considerably when I slept a bit on my lunch hour, from 13:00 to 14:00. Around 15:30 it came back in full force none the less. Need to get myself a larger dose of shut-eye tonight.
* The rest of the day went reltively smoothly. Around 6pm I couldnt look at the monitor anymore, so I just picked up and left, even tought I usually leave a bit later, around 6:30 or 7pm even. When I got home I still had to keep my handkerchiefs pretty close, cause sometimes my nose did a pretty close impression of a water faucet...
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Are you doing any exercise yet? Are you gunna focus more on weight training or cardio? From everything I've read, weight training seems the best for losing fat, since after the workout your body is still burning calories, plus it builds muscle which burns calories w/o doing anything....

Just curious, I was posting in that thread you made because I've recently starting to eat less / better and starting exercising / lifting.

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One thing that will help you a lot if drink a lot of water. That will not only keep you hydrated (if your pee is dark, thats genrally NOT a good sign and you need more water to deluid (sp?) it.) but it will also fill you up and if you drink ice water then it will also burn some calories (since your body has to warm the water up).

Hope that helps and good luck man! I know how it feels to have to lose weight. For wrestling I once had to drop from 125lb to 112lb in less than 3 days. Not liquid weight either, since I also had to pass a hydration test. So I know how it feels and with 6 percent body fat (less than 3 percent body fat after I got another body fat test a few weeks after this) it isnt easy. Though I hope you dont do it the way I do, since its very unhealthy, I think you can do it. Cutting out sugar and caffiene with help you lose weight just by doing that. Add in eating healthy, not stuffing yourself, and excercising and it shouldnt be a problem.

Just remember, it doesnt matter how much you eat, its what you it. (to an extent of course :-p) Good luck! I have faith in you :D

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Is it true that its good to cut out caffiene? I was looking at some fat burner supplements and a lot of them have caffiene in it... I'm guessing its to help with appetite supressing? But they also mentioned that it helped to burn fat somehow...

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Coffee is good in the sense that it speeds up your heart beat and helps you get a better workout, therefore burning more calories, but I really dont want to put anything in my that excites me in an artificial way.

Regarding exercise, no, I'm not doing any yet, I'll be doing swimming, as many times per week as I can :D

Time to go fill out another day in the Diet Diary...

And thanks for the comments guys, it's great comming here and reading them! [wink]

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