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After some discussions with my brother, I have made changes to the game to cause your ship to automatically decelerate if you are not holding the accelerate button. I haven't put these changes up yet, because I'm not sure I like them. On the one hand, I can see it making the game easier for newbies, but I find it irritating to have to hold the W key down to continue accelerating as you are fighting. In addition, it makes it more difficult to travel at a speed that is lower than the maximum velocity of the space ship.

Philosophical question:

Is it worth hurting the game play for more experience players to make the controls easier for newbies?
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Is it not possible to have an option in the settings/configuration?

Strikes me that you shouldn't be able to gain an advantage/disadvantage from either system - so let the user pick [smile]


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Not a bad idea. I could default it to Auto-Decelerate, but the user could shut that option off if they wish.

I do wonder how many people would even notice the option... but I would enjoy it.

Thanks for the "out of the box" idea.

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If working on X has taught me anything, it's that the only right answer to questions involving game controls is "make it configurable." Everyone will have their own preferences. As long as the method of configuring the controls is fairly easy to find and make use of, you should win all-around.

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How about having a key you can use to toggle the option? I can think of times I'd want to use both.

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It seems like configurable is the opinion of the majority. A key toggle isn't a bad idea either, but first I need to put in the config.

Thanks guys [smile]

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