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Article Vote #2

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Ok time for another vote. Even though the Washu article came out like a seizure w/ MS Paint it is "done". As such, time to actually do a "real" article. I removed the Neurosurgery article as I would rather do a real piece this time that is useful. As such I present the old options, with two new comers. I must admit that the last 3 are much more sysadmin then I should probably do here, but if you feel like running your Hockey MMORPG properly you will need to pickup a few basic skills... ...in running the servers.

  1. Java Serial IO
  2. COM (No ATL, No MFC, pure COM "goodness")
  3. Ruby and Ruby on Rails (Introduction, Tutorial to make a site, Deployment Issues)
  4. Nagios
  5. AV-Stat
  6. Using Public Key Auth for SSH

Voting will be the same as last time.
  1. AP's votes do not count.
  2. You get votes equal to your rating at the close of the poll.
  3. Please only vote once.
  4. Only vote for one thing.
  5. If something gets 0 votes 2 times in a row, it'll be removed.
  6. Just because I don't get to it now, doesn't mean I won't cover it in the future.

Voting will end Monday 2/6/06 Midnight EST
Current Standings as of 2/6/06 Midnight EST
  • COM - 5238
  • Ruby - 1751
  • Nagios - 1300
  • Java - 1065
  • AV Stat - 0
  • SSH Key Auth - 0

I will get you the COM article on Sunday Night, with some random updates in the middle :)
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