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So I've been working a bit on my ray tracer, so far it only works with spheres, but I did get diffuse lighting and shadows working:

And then just today:

I have everything being loaded from a file, that is the spheres, lights, render resolution, camera position, fov, and also the level of recursion for the reflection. Not only is most of this required for the assignment, but it makes testing (playing) much easier than recompiling everytime :).

So next steps are transparency, refraction, and triangles.
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Thanks, right now since all it does is spheres the rendering time isn't very long, just a second or two on a pretty slow computer when I have lots of reflection bounces. I suspect that will go up a bunch once triangles are working. There's a few places I can optimize a bit more, but that may have to come later since I have a deadline :(.

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