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C'mon Rick, you knew I had to talk about it.

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Yesterday was "Date Night" at Clariden. That's a once-a-month affair when the school babysits the kids so parents can have kid-free time. Maggie thinks that Date Night is the greatest thing that ever happened, as all of the kids get to put on their jammies, eat pizza, play ball in the gym, and watch movies together. It's a bigass late-night party for her, so everybody wins.

We got together with pals Rick and Terri at Cowtown Sushi for Rick's 39th birthday dinner. We got a couple of their ginormous "Sushi Boat For Two" specials and a buncha Kirin Ichibans and generally had a good time.

We still had a little time left on the babysitting-meter, so we headed over to Barnes & Noble, as we couldn't think of a nearby place that (a) served beer and (b) had loads of old-school 80's arcade games. On the way to B&N, Rick and I talked a bit about my new games, as he's a fan and has been passing around the URLs to his pals.

I mentioned that a user ID that was clearly Rick's made a fairly abysmal score at ChessCards on Thursday. Taking a peek at Friday's entries, I noticed that someone who was probably him made a similarly miserable score the next day (500+ moves and 25+ minutes to complete). He remarked that he couldn't understand how anyone could possibly solve the puzzle with the other scores people were posting. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Rick: Well, I try to be systematic about getting the cards in place. First I place all of the twos, then all of the threes, then. . .

Me: Waitwaitwait. Are you putting the cards in numerical order?!

Rick: Yeah.

I then explained that the object of the game was to just put the suits into rows, not to put the cards into numerical order. He admitted that that does make the game a tad simpler.

I'll probably make this clearer in the rules. Not that it'd matter.

BTW, big thanks on the feedback (from the folks who gave me feedback). Most of the bug reports have been tuning-type stuff. I'd like to get these nice and solid before I start out on more daily puzzles. Having had to deal with multi-game packs in the past, it's much easier to solve all your problems at code-time then to have to work a fix into a dozen games.
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OK, so I needlessly complicate things. To me, it seemed that putting the cards in order (ala solitare) would be the natural expectation.

Oh well.


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