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Thanks to a comment from docsborn in yesterdays entry, I spent most of the day checking out Wings 3D.

From the moment it starts it's obvious that it's substantially more lightweight than Blender, but from the feature list it seems to cover the stuff that I need.

Although, I've got stuck already [headshake]:

(click to enlarge)

I created a simple object. Took about 5 minutes. Segmented the model and unfolded it for a UV map (what you can see in the top-right part of the image). Then when I click "Create Texture" I get the dialog you see in the bottom left. Which is nice, but I can't find any way to save that texture to disk!!!!

Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I'm calling it quits for the night. Time for some dinner and then I'll probably spend the evening watching a film and appreciating a bottle of red [grin]

In other news, seems that the 2007 MVP summit has been scheduled. I like the advanced notice, but given that no MVP can be guaranteed that they'll still be an MVP at that time (12 month award period) it seems a little pointless to make plans [lol]
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So I figured it out. I think

You have to open up the "outliner" from the "window" menu. You can then see the unwrapped texture and 'export' it as a file.


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Gamespace light seems to be pretty cool, it's free and you can save with the restriction of < 650 polys. And it has a .x exporter built in. I can't recommend the UI though as I haven't used it that much. I got owned by Blender too, it was the first free modelling tool i tried, and i didn't try another for about a year after that experience. I've had trouble with milkshape because of it's internal poly limit (8k!!!) and only about 5% of the third party plugins work as expected. There should be some kind of QA on those.

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I thought that Wings couldn't texture things (Don't know where I got that from). Thanks for telling me diffrently.

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