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My Hattan-ish ways.

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I thought that i'd post here about my ways, inspired by our very own John Hattan! For those that are unfamiliar with his ways, they are, from my experience, soley aimed at saving money wherever possible.

First of all, how I got a free roundtrip airline ticket. Wendys, the hamburger chain (i'm not entirely sure how widespread the chain is) had a promotion running with AirTran. Get 32 drinks, get a plane ticket!

Well, upon further investigation, we found that getting 32 drinks was for a one way ticket, 64 for round trip, and 128 for 2 round trip. Still, this is a pretty good deal. It turned out to be a great deal for me. I told a friend at school about this, and he apparently has an army of friends that get him promotional bottle caps or anything else he has need for. So he not only got himself 128 coupons, but gave me the remaining leftovers, so I had 64 tickets for very little money (I had bought some myself).

Well, I checked my account today and the credits have been applied to the account, so I can get myself a round trip ticket whenever I want. Supplies may be limited now, but if you can wrangle 64 cups (or if you're feeling really brave, 128) and have them sent in before the 13th of the month, you too can get a free ticket. Here are the complete rules for the contest.

My second deal was for a Dell Dimension E310 computer. My grandpa wanted this computer after seeing it in the paper, so I went online to order it.

The deals in the paper aren't necessarily the best you can do though! I rebuilt the system to practically the same specs in the paper and was able to get it a bit cheaper, but then I Google'd for Dell coupons. I found one for 20% off on all Dimensions of at least $999. So to use the coupon, I actually had to improve the system to get it for less!

I wound up with a better system than was in the paper, and after including warranty's and everything else, I wound up saving $90 on what the original thing would have been. Not too shabby. There are tons of coupons out there that you can apply to purchases, and it's worth a few seconds to Google for them.
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Another good place for one-time Dell coupons is ebay. When I was buying monitors, I bought coupon codes on ebay for $3.50 and promptly used 'em to save $75 on the monitors.

Wish I knew about the airtran deal earlier. I might've been convinced to buy lots of soda :)

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