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Goodbye FMOD, Hello OpenAL!

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I decided to spend the last two days scraping FMOD and implementing OpenAL into the engine for audio. Hey, who wants extra license costs :) So now the game only supports the OGG file format. I didn't really know a lot about OGG before implementing this format, but now I really like it. The format is small and sounds good.

The audio engine now supports creating a generic list of sound effects and one streaming sound. When playing a sound effect, you can specify a 3D position and velocity so enemy gunfire will sound faint if you are father away, and it will sound close if you are closer to the enemy :)

So far, I think I like OpenAL better than FMOD. The thing going for FMOD is that it's _really_ easy to setup. For OpenAL, you have to do a lot more initially, but it's well worth it.

More to come soon :)
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