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Diet Day 4

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February 4th, 2006, Saturday - Weight: 112k? . 12h . 4
* Woke up really late, around 15:00. My days, regarding food are all starting to look the same pretty much, but in a good way. I still have a lot of variety, I love fruits, I don't eat anything I don't like the taste, so it's all great actually, and I'm the kind of person that enjoys a bit of predictability.

* Walked around the house a bit, watched some recorded shows I had on DVR, then got a shower and took a minute to put myself on the scale. It read a bit on the right of 111, so I'm guessing more than 111.7k, but less than 113k. I don't know exactly what this weight drop is due, I know I was on 114k flat, so perhaps it was just excess crap in me that my body finally saw fit to discard. I think it's a bit distressing for you to be reading in so much detail all of this stuff, but put yourself in my shoes... you're seing your own body puting itself back together. I find that quite amazing actually.

* I have to remind people that I'm still taking, will allways be taking my supplement pills, with all the vitamins, minerals and whatever we need to function, and on the first sign of trouble, I'll see a doctor. I'm afraid someone will look at me and think they can do any sort of diet...

* Still haven't been hungry once, if you can believe that. I guess I'm eating a lot of stuff that just keeps me filled up.

* Regarding the usual symptons of diet detoxing, I think today I had a very normal day. No aches of any sort, and I only had to clear my nose once in the morning, but that is somewhat the norm for me anyways... One thing I found superb is that I walked briskly all the way to the shopping mall today, without any back pains. I've had back pains ocasionaly, in last months anytime I needed to walk for a long time. They would appear on my lower back and build up until they became unbearable. Each day that passes I feel lighter on my feet and my legs just move naturaly, no need for me to counsciously order them around. I don't think I'm too fat to not walk, not by a long, long shot, but my growing back problems showed me that I was nearing a weight threshold. Besides, I'm 27 and I realized I needed and atitude adjustment. I'm not going to be young forever, nor am I going to feel as great as I feel today forever, so if I want to maximise my good days, I need to work on it. Everything we love requires work I guess, that includes your body.

* I've been having several discussions with myself regarding the way I've divided food up. I've divided food in two categories, the "makes your body feel good" category and the "makes your tongue feel good" category. The first one is fruits, vegetables, and all the things that we usually pass up, to eat the things that are on the second category, like ice creams, coke, etc. Now, my dilema is, can someone have a diet, for life, that is made up of things on the 1st category, and still be able, from time to time and in a balanced way, partake from the things on the 2nd Category? It's very dificult for someone that has allways had access to all of the "modern food", to regiment itself to foods of the 1st category, so, any ocasion where you could eat something from the 2nd would perhaps tempt you and break your diet. How to deal with days like your birthday, or someone else's birthday, do you eat the cake? Do you pass up? I would like to be the person that has 360 days in his year where I eat healthy and make healthy choices, but still have those ocasions where there is no harm for me to share in some cake with friends and family. I'm just afraid that "it's just one piece of cake" might take me to "just one more slice"-land...
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hey, congrats are how good things are going.......

what supplements are you taking? I was thinking of taking one of those multi vitamins.........

good luck.

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Well, I'm taking a multivitamin supplement every night, together with a fiber supplement so that things don't get clogged up, and ocasionaly coal pills, these are for flatulence, which might occur if your body isnt acustumed to digesting so much vegetables and fruits. I also have some "filling pills" that you take ocasionally to help you feel filled. Those are composed of an absorbing dust that gets bigger when it arrives on the stomach.

Because I switched from cow milk to soy milk I also take some calcium.

Two things I used to take even before the diet is, once a week, some Cod's Liver Oil pills, they contain a lot of goodies, but boy, do they taste nasty! Then, to control my nocturnal cramps (those things can make a grown man cry, i speak from experience!) I take some magnesium every 3 weeks.

Sounds like a lot of stuff, but because it's all organized I have no problems with this system [wink].

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