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Top Ten Games of 2005

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My Top Ten Games of 2005 list started on a whim on a bleak afternoon on January 3, 2006. I thought, hey, I like to write and I sure have played a ton of games so I might as well contribute to the gaming society by writing a top ten list. Yeah, that would be fun. I also like ranting about nothing, so I'll just make every article a few pages long, with most of the text not even directly relating to the game at hand. So, I did. And it took me over thirty-two days before I was finally even able to write all of the ten articles for this "list." I received a number of flaming comments for the number of delays I took over the course of writing this list as well as a nice share of friendly comments. And now, at 11:54pm on February 4, 2006, I bring to you a nice summary of the top ten games of 2005 according to me, Trent Polack.

I was going to write a paragraph for each of the games in this list, but a combination of laziness and ... Well, mostly the laziness just advised me to make an actual concise list of all the games I wrote about. Click the title of the game to go to the far, far longer article.And there you have it. Around thirty typed pages, 12,523 words, and thirty-two days in the making: my top ten games of 2005. I hope you enjoy all of the articles I've written for these absolutely amazing games, and I look forward (hahaha) to doing for the top ten games of 2006 as well.
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Figuring out whether Civilization 4 beat out Resident Evil 4 was kind of tough. They're both fantastic games, but I think Resident Evil 4 was such a radical departure from the rest of the series whereas Civilization 4 was more like a continued awesomeness of a successful franchise, so I just gave the top spot to RE4.

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