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So, John has been working on an online version of his game Voracity

We discussed a couple of user interface and highlighting issues, and he made a few changes yesterday, all of which help the game.

Since then, I have naturally been obsessively thinking about it some more, and, deciding that the game itself is rather simple and making my own version to experiment with would not be too big of a project, I made a pocketpc version, the rudiments of which you can see above...

Of course, a PocketPC version has a different set of things to deal with. In the online version (or really any PC version) where a mouse pointer is present on the screen at all times, highlighting squares when the mouse is hovering is fine. In PocketPC, one main goal is to minimize taps(the equivalent of mouse presses), so I decided to highlight endpoints, and you would tap them.

On the downside, the manner in which you move is not obvious. Also, I currently am not showing the numbers inside of the destination squares, and I think I should probably still do so.

Currently, I am stalled, and it is late, so I'll take it up later. Oddly enough, I am stuck on making a command bar(which has nothing to do with the game itself). I duplicated the work done in the hello world program that eVC++4 makes, but it is thus far not working. I'll figure it out eventually, it must be something stupid I'm not doing.

In other news, unless something changes drastically in the next two weeks, I'll be working at Microsoft starting on the 20th.
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Congrats on the job [smile]


I'll be working at Microsoft starting on the 20th.

Doing what?
Go on, admit it - you're just gonna be making the tea/coffee [lol]


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On a team that works on Windows Mobile.

Hence, I've been putting some time into working with CE.

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