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Ok, so maybe I lied a little

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I stated yesterday that I wouldn't release a demo for the game right now. Today I changed my mind.

At first I didn't want to release a demo at such an early time, but than I decided, what harm could it do?

I already tested the game on another computer and it worked fine, so hopefully the dreaded DLL errors will not be a problem this time. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it[grin]

This is the first level of the game, and nothing more. You can currently pick from three weapons: pistol, minigun, and shotgun. The controls are as follows:

Right key - move right
Left key - move left
Space key - shoot
1 key - switch to pistol
2 key - switch to minigun
3 key - switch to shotgun

Keep in mind that in the final version, you will only have the pistol on the first level.

One last thing. If you would like to see the second level, go in the folder Scripts, and edit the file LevelLoad.txt to have "RobotTown" instead of "city". There is nothing in the second level right now, but it's there. If you're interested, you could even add tiles and enemies to level 2.

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Nice little demo :-) Worked fine on my machine.

I noticed that the bomb animations when they exploded didn't always occur in the correct place, sometimes even though I shot them coming towards me the explosion sprite was above me.

The boss guy is evil :-) His bullets are tough to miss but the well placed boxes help out.


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