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Ok, so maybe I lied a little

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I stated yesterday that I wouldn't release a demo for the game right now. Today I changed my mind.

At first I didn't want to release a demo at such an early time, but than I decided, what harm could it do?

I already tested the game on another computer and it worked fine, so hopefully the dreaded DLL errors will not be a problem this time. Hopefully I didn't just jinx it[grin]

This is the first level of the game, and nothing more. You can currently pick from three weapons: pistol, minigun, and shotgun. The controls are as follows:

Right key - move right
Left key - move left
Space key - shoot
1 key - switch to pistol
2 key - switch to minigun
3 key - switch to shotgun

Keep in mind that in the final version, you will only have the pistol on the first level.

One last thing. If you would like to see the second level, go in the folder Scripts, and edit the file LevelLoad.txt to have "RobotTown" instead of "city". There is nothing in the second level right now, but it's there. If you're interested, you could even add tiles and enemies to level 2.

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That's pretty cool overall. I'll make a couple suggestions on this early version...

Can the bullets be a little easier to see? The orange ones are pretty easy to see, but the blue (teal) ones are somewhat similar to the background.

Maybe the snipers can shoot a lot faster bullets? To balance this, you could give them a 'cocking' animation, where they prepare their rifle for fire, so that you aren't caught off guard by a speeding bullet.

Health meter for the boss. Who, by the way, was definitely very cool!

I think the can't-go-back-left (like in Mario 1) will work well for this game, since it's a beat/shoot-em-up.

I kind of wanted to be able to jump just a little higher to try and get on those roofs the guy above talked about. :p Maybe later on, you can have a jump upgrade for Stompy. What could be really cool would be to do something like Deus Ex, where you have to choose permanently between X and Y. So, you invade the enemy flying ship, and at the end you find their technology stash. You can either upgrade your jump to jump higher, or you can get the turbo shoes that let you run faster (in short bursts). Yes, that would be cool. ;)

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A jump upgrade would be a nice addition to the game. My idea for upgrades and weapons is that they will be bought in between levels, using money gained from killing enemies. I was only planning on having a weapon shop, but upgrades for the character should be part of that to.

Thanks for playing.

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You probably already know about this, but the alpha blitting doesn't work with the player. Very nice... I wish I was as productive as you.

Will you be writing up a map editing tutorial type thing?

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Awesome start. The only thing I really miss is a way to shoot up into the windows to get the high-level snipers. Can't wait to see this one finished [smile]

(Yeah, yeah, I'm still [slowly] plodding along on Castle Blockenstein. I'll finish it eventually.)

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Rob Loach: I don't think I used any alpha blitting. Do you mean that the pink box is showing around the main character? In that case it might be a bad thing.

I'll put up a little level editing tutorial later today.

ApochPiQ: Although I probably won't be able to add shooting up, I'll have homing weapons later in the game.

Thanks for the feedback.

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