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One of those weeks...

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It has been one of those weeks where everytime you try to get something done, something stands in your way. I have found on my new 300GB HDD none other than Bad Sectors. Not so much of a problem as it is still under warranty, but considering that my Boot partition has gone off wandering a number of times now, NOT HAPPY JAN!

So I have now ghosted my boot partition and all its contents to a 40GB HDD and am working on transferring all my data off the 300GB drive.

But in the meantime I have installed Baldurs Gate II and NeverWinter Nights again. I have also pulled out my old savegames for the both of them. I have even managed to get both of them running in windowed mode on seperate monitors (however a GeForce MX440 on PCI doesn't handle running games at 1024x768 quite as well as I would like :P). The AGP card can get nice high framerates, though the PCI one gets around about 10FPS on NWN. Though that isn't so bad, because I can always play it on the other monitor if I really want to :P.

I have a screenshot of having them both up and running here, but it is a monster picture, so 56k users beware.

Hopefully I will get some time to have a proper look at openAL as SDL_mixer didn't have a few features I was looking for...
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Although I really didn't like either of them (sleeping to regenerate magic isn't really my thing), I'd preferably play Neverwinter Nights.

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NeverWinter Nights was fun, but I can't get over the sheer awesomeness of Baldurs Gate II. Has to be my all time favourite game of all time (except maybe Unkuulian Underworld or Jacaranda Jim :P)

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