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Currently working on AI.

We are using these grids:

to cover every level. All these fields are numbered and if any bot has another bot or player in view it can run to this field.

Bots will patrol defined pathes or randomly walk to different fields.
If some opponents will cross their way they will attack or search for cover.
You can see some different colored fields. These are fields for cover. Different types of cover are available, one for north, south, east, west.
So, if a bot gets under attack it can be checked if there is a coverfield near to his current field it is standing on.
If bot gets attacked from north it should not get to coverfield with cover in west - i hope it will not [grin]
We will do different types of bots. The range is from braindead guys which will see you run directly in your direction and shooting all they have to smart bots which will try to get behind some boxes to get not hit and kill you with less damage on its own as possible.

We try to do some smart AI in game to have an interesting single player game too. But main target is to produce a nice muiltiplayer game [totally]
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