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Update done

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The update was done today. It went relatively smooth, although there were some incidents which were not really unexpected.
For example, the initial Linux binary crashed on most of the systems because of the latest feature we integrated, which is a semi functional auto update system.
A new binary was provided that now works.
Also, most of the animals and monsters were gone after the server was restarted, and after a little debugging and reading the errors log I found out the cause: Some of the new monsters in the monsters file had a wrong name, and the parser aborted reading the file in the middle (that's how it was designed to handle errors, it wasn't a bug).
So I fixed those problems, and now everything is fine, except for a few bugs in some map defition files that do not allow players to go in or out of some areas. The maps have been fixed, so I will restart the server again, tonight, to fix those issues.
And everyone loves the update, there are a lot of nice things in it (new maps, new monsters and animals, new items, new NPCs, summoning areas, etc.)

Regarding my side project, I did some work last night and a little today after the update. Now I have buttons that can be pressed and when they are pressed they call a function every so many MS (which is predefined in a variable).
Now the base view is almost done, and you can put new buildings, and allocate workers to build them.
Here is a screenshot with the superbe artwork that only a programmer and a 3 year old are capable of.

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Good to hear the update went well its also nice to see some progress on your project. It looks like its coming along nicely.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


I think you should put a dot in the map showing the exact base location ;) Actually the map appears to be just filling up space, adding a simple red or orange dot would make it look "useful".

Just my oppinion, anyway.

Keep up the work, the X-Com saga was one of my favourites :D

- Kartones

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Yes, this is how I initially planed to do it, but there were some technical problems (not big just annoying) so I said: "screw it".
Later on, however, I might do it, as the game becomes playable.

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