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New Piktars!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Not alot got done today, but the stuff we did finish is still pretty cool looking. Today Mark finished the first of the other enemy ships types, and I wrote the basics of a particle system.

The Particle System
Today I wrote the Particle System that will be used for simple effects in the overhead tactical map. We're planning on having two levels of animation for the battles, and have the player be able to toggle between them. The first option would be just simple animations for the overhead map when you battle with another ship, while in the second option, a dynamic cutscene will play, using the nice big ships Mark drew, with all their turret spinning, missile firing action. I'm planning on implementing the first option first, so that we can have something to look at while testing the basics of gameplay. Anyways, as you can see below, the particle system works, even with my crappy textures[grin].

Marks New Ship
The newest ship in our arsenal is this one, an old warship, which looks oddly like a Star Destroyer. Anyways, this is the first ship from the 3rd Faction in the game, but more on that later...

Well, I will talk to you guys tomorrow, let us know what you think. Peace Out!
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Thank you!
I just changed it slightly (looked too 2D, needed more contrast)
So it should look a little better.

-Mark the Artist

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