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For Lefties?

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From GDS:
Original post by Ravuya
Could you please add cursor key controls to the next version? I use a left handed mouse and would prefer to be able to control the game without hunching over my keyboard. [grin]

What would be a keyboard/mouse configuration that would be appropriate for left handed people? I'm rather ignorant in this area.

Lefties, a little help please
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I'm not a leftie; my father is so I grew up on it. [grin] But the controls seemed fine to me other than WASD -- just change that to the cursor keys and it seems otherwise useful because it's mostly mouse driven.

For FEAR I usually end up binding some of my "quick hit" keys (like throwing grenades, swapping weapons, etc) to the six keys above the cursors (ins/del/home/end/pgup/pgdown) because they're relatively useful.

A key-binding screen would probably be best; I hate games that don't let me re-bind keys.

Also, I played your game on a 6600GT and saw nothing out of the ordinary; it all looks fine to me. You may have fixed most of the Nvidia bugs though I don't think I've updated my drivers since I got the machine.

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I'm a leftie, but unfortunately I haven't tried your game out yet! However Ravuya pretty much nailed it with his description; you just have to make sure lefties can use keys on the right side of the keyboard instead of WASD and the nearby keys.

For FPS games, I usually use the numeric keypad for movement, and bind the nearby keys to other things. I also like to bind the arrow keys to things other than movement, as those keys fall naturally under your right thumb on many keyboard types and are useful for movement modifiers such as run, crawl etc.

Of course, the best solution is to allow people to choose their own keys for everything.

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I agree, it would be best to allow the player to bind his own keys, but that would require me to write a whole new screen. That's a lot of effort, and I would love to get this game done. I will probably offer a "Left Hand Option" which sets up the numeric keys, or arrow keys instead of WASD. It would not require a lot of effort on my part, and would hopefully improve things for the lefties out there.

Thanks for the advice,

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At the very least, make it so we can reset the keybinds from a text file. [grin]

Having a left-hand mode works too. Recall also that WASD isn't in the same spot on foreign keyboards (France has AZERTY).

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I think you're just bent on making my life difficult [wink]

Just kidding, the textfile thing might not be too hard. I'll have to think about that one [grin]

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