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Will F


After recently moving back to a metropolitan area, i've got a question. There are only 3 coffee shops within a 10 minute walk of where i'm staying - why are all 3 Starbucks?

Otherwise, i've been playing around with GLSL. Haven't done anything that interesting so far, so no screenies... I'm almost at the point that I want to stop tinkering with things and actually get around to starting on a project, so i'm not sure how much time i'm going to invest in it.

I've also been playing Baten Kaitos on the gamecube - awesome game. While Dragon Quest 8 was reminiscent of really old school RPGs, this game takes me back to Playstation 1 RPGs (hardly surprising as the team that made it collectively worked on games like Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy Series, Xenogears, Kingdom Hearts, and Resident Evil). I'm really hoping that the sequel that is about to be released in Japan makes it over to North America.
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