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1123 Shea St.

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A long time ago I thought I would never need or want to register my birth name as a domain but that thought has slowly changed over the years as I make a name of myself. Even when I ran the idea through my head time to time I always said to myself that I could always register it later. It is my name after all and like who else would have a use for it. Then came the long era of the cybersquatters. My name, Shea Street, can not only just be a name but also a location or whatever. The feeling of someone else out there owning my name just made me feel sick and used. But I been patient and I have finally snatched back my name. I have many plans for my domains but for now they will all point here. So now you can reach my journal by www.SheaStreet.com, www.SheaStreet.net, and www.SheaStreet.org.
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Awsome! Yeah, I've been thinking about snagging a domain for employment/online portfolio oriented content, but I cant seem to find any reliable hosts that I can settle with. Haven't had anyone really throw out that they had an outstanding experience with X host.

Who did you go with?

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All of our hosting for Tantrum Games and for most of my personal stuff is with Icelab Networks. They are multihomed, housed in a Class-A data center, and are carrier neutral. The service is the best and not just because the owner of the company is a very good friend of mine.

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