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I'm talking old school

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The other day my parents where clearing all the old boxes out the attic to lay down some insulation. As I was rifling through the junk I came across the tape of the very first game I ever made, "Chip in Unknown World" for the Amstrad CPC!

Early signs of dyslexia

I spent a little while trying to get the tape to load into an emulator (its about 12 years old) but finally I got it to work. The way I did it in the end was to record the tape as a .wav and then use samp2cdt to turn it into a binary that I could load into an emulator.

Despite the spelling errors and frankly random gameplay it still held its charm. So if you haven't had enough of games made by 10 year olds Download it now! and if you have download it anyway! You'll need something like CPCE to run it, it's saved as a snapshot that you can open in the emulator without messing around with pretend tape loading.

UPDATE: If you do want to play it the controls are joystick to move and fire button to do an action/use item (usually num pad is joystick and 5 is fire). You have to collect all the bonuses on each level and then get the rocket ship out of there. Sometimes you have to collect something on one level to use in the next. Its 10 levels and more difficult than it looks.
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