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Mega Man X for the PSP...oh, and Stompy too

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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is the best PSP game...ever.

With that out of the way, I've released a new Stompy demo that addresses some of the feedback I've been getting. Most notibly, it should fix the "pink background" bug in the game.

I've changed the colors now to blend less with the first level background. One thing that isn't in this screenshot is that I changed the laser shot colors to be dark blue:

Oh hey! There's those blue bullets, and a new enemy for the second level:
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Recommended Comments

If a robot dies while it is facing towards the right, its corpse is still light gray (0-5.PNG in the RobotGuard graphics). Other than that, the color tweaks are great - they really help the visibility.

The mega robot guard boss is pretty cool - I like the rapid-fire attack he does. I definitely second the suggestion of a "boss meter" though.

One other thing I noticed is that you can blow up a bomb-bot right underneath a robot, but the robot isn't damaged. It might make a cool tactical twist if you set up the bomb-bots to damage anything inside their death radius, be it Stompy or another enemy character. Just a random thought [smile]

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Right after I released the demo, I noticed the grey RobotGuard remains. After slapping myself in the forehead, I decided to fix it and move on.

Yep, soon I'm going to make a boss life bar.

BombBots hurting the other robots is another good idea, just the trickiest to implement.

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You should be able to just make a virtual rectangle of the same size as the largest explosion sprite, colission check that rectangle against the enemy rectangles (and player rectangle) when the death animation starts, and deal damage to anything that overlaps. A little hackish, but it should get the job done. Of course, depending on how your enemy code is built, that kind of special-casing in the death sequence might be messy indeed.

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