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We'll the cold is not letting me go =/

I guess the devil is finally making good on that pact we made.

edi: So I really want to make a game!
devil: Sure, that's easy, I'll just need your soul.
edi: Sure take it (what a sucker) I don't need it anyway.
devil: Done, enjoy making your game!

He failed to mention that he was going to kill me in order to get it, damn fine print. Maybe he has just hit a spot of rough times and needs to liquidate some of his assets.

Anyhow I don't think im gonna die, but I sure feel like it, and worst of all im not getting nearly enough done =/

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hehe.. At first I thought that was a conversation between you and ildave. I was really confused. Then I realized I was misreading it and laughed.

I somehow doubt he intended his handle to be an anagram for "a devil." :)

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