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Some GP2x stuff pt. 3

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bah, bah, bah and thrice bah!

Damn thing isnt working and I cant see why, this is annoying indeed. It was annoying me that much that I've infact spent the last few hours playing DoD:Source to unwind.

I must be doing something wrong, however right now I cant see what, but the big clue is that reading from my mapped memory address crashes the machine (although writing doesnt seem todo anything), so when I wake up today I'm going to have to look into it some more and see if I can work out whats going on... ofcourse, if I could get real time debugger output it would be handy, I'll have to look into getting a serial cable for it again..

For the record, all my information comes from the GP2x wiki pages, currently using the specs found on this wiki page, namely the MMSP2 Databook from the people who make the main chip in it.
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