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Pretty much done the combat engine

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Well, I guess combat is finally implemented. Most of the moves have single-frame animation placeholders, so I'll have to fix that. For all the moves, the game currently sports 49 animations (98 if you count left and right variations). Some of the moves have 16 frames of animation, like the run, the punch, the kick, etc. Jumping, falling, and "tumbling" (jumping down through a platform) have 8. Breathing animations have 6 or 8, though some of those frames are repeated. Minus the single-frame placeholders, I'm currently using about 100 frames of animation, but as I replace those placeholders with full animations, that figure will balloon quickly. [smile] I'll probably need a few more animations too, like a celebration dance after beating a level.

Right now I'm going to go try to eliminate as much redundant code as possible. For example, I have to check for the player performing an air attack in the falling, jumping, and tumbling code. Things like that need to be fixed. I also want to change a few other ways the game does certain things, and tweak a few little behavioral quirks for preference's sake. By the end of the day, I think this code will be pretty friggin' solid.

And then it's back to modeling animations for the player. I had hoped I'd be done that by vacation's end (Tuesday), but there's way more animations than I thought there'd be (obviously) and at least the tough parts are done. Now I just need to make the smaller animations and slowly replace the placeholders with them. And as long as the combat system is implemented, I can keep building the rest of the game around that. Which is something else I've been playing with over the holidays.

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