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Enough to show off

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Eh, what the heck. I got enough done with the game (new title "ConFusebox") to show off. It properly generates and scrambles the puzzle, and you can rotate the pieces around. It doesn't yet keep score or detect whether or not you've won, but that's not too difficult.


I won't post rules, as it's pretty easy to figure out. Turn on all of the lights. The square with the lightning bolt is the power source.

This is a 12x12 puzzle. I can make 'em pretty-much any size I want, but 12x12 is probably as big as I wanna make it. Any bigger and it takes too long to generate and solve. I want this to be a quick game.

And yes you currently get the same puzzle every time. Being able to generate the same puzzle from a daily seed is one of the requirements.

Enjoy and post comments!
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Cool... I always liked these kinds of puzzles.

Maybe there could be an "insane mode" (say 30x30) for those of us who like punishment [wink]

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I'm down to two lights and I can't find any way to get them on. Grrr! Refresh, try again. =b

Actually, just solved it. It seems pretty easy if you're careful not to waste connections. If an area has a connection that's not in use, you have a problem there and should reorganize it. Cool game! =)

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Cool little game. I think I shall have to be a little more methodical though. *goes back for a second try*

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Alrighty, got it second try, it was notably easier after actually thinking about what I was doing.

I got my parents to try it since they just walked in to the house too:
My mum (almost computer illiterate, can just manage to get online and check emails) had trouble figuring out how to control it, and wasn't able to solve the puzzle. She gave up after about two minutes.

My dad (not too bad with computers, plays plenty of older games such as civilisation, et al) took a few tries to get the hang of the rotating controls, but did much better at the puzzle. He also gave up after about 3 minutes, but had it nearly solved.

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I liked it. Wasn't too bad to solve, but it would be cool if you could change the direction. I apologize if you can and i'm just too slow to figure that out. Otherwise, pretty cool.

Edit: Looks like I am slow. I just thought the arrows indicated that you were about to rotate that piece, but depending on which one you click... yeah, disregard everything i've said.

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