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Level 2 will be finished...er...soon.

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This has been a pretty unproductive week in development on Stompy's Revenge, but I'm going to get back into it this weekend. I'm planning to have level 2 done by the end of the weekend, or at least near done.

I've been really trying to get back into playing games in general(you know, ones that aren't mine[grin]).

I've been absolutely addicted to Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Basically, this game is just a remake of the origional Mega Man X, probably my favorite Mega Man game. What makes this game so great is just how well done it is.

You can tell that Capcom really put alot of effort into this. In fact, it seems to have to highest production values of any Capcom game I've seen...

They didn't change the origional game alot, they just made some tweaks that balance out the difficulty. The new 3D graphics are simply incredible, and the music is great as always. It's without a doubt my favorite PSP game, and also my favorite Mega Man game. If you have a PSP, I definetly recommend it.

I also feel like playing some Civ 4, too.
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Yep, I've been playing quite a bit of that today. It's quite easy to get addicted to it.

In fact, I need to go check something...no, I'm certainly not going to go play Civ4...you can't prove that I am...

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