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Consolidation, phase 1

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Moddb.com hasn't published the interview yet, so to patient a bit, i'm posting 2 new screenshots.

This week i've been working on the consolidation of the engine. I planned to do it for quite a while, but i thought now would be a good time. I'm re-organizing the whole directory architecture, renaming a few classes, recreating the workspace, integrating a new memory allocation library ( nedmalloc ), fixing implicit linking, fixing the plugin management system, adding some documentation to make the engine "usable", etc.. It doesn't sound like this "reorganization" is a lot of work, but with 2000 files to "fix", it really is..

Next week, i'm going to clean the planetary module. There are a few hard-coded parameters and algorithms that need to be improved and made generic.

I'm also going to start working on a small gameplay prototype soon, to test the fighting and controls, all in network.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


The screenshots look great and I am looking forward to see the project progress further.

But I noticed a small thing concerning the Saturn-like planet, that kept bugging me until I visited some NASA websites:

The part of ring which is in the night side of the planet is as bright as the rest, even though it is in the shadow cast by the planet itself.


If this should be a known issue, please disregard.

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AP: that's not an "issue". It's just not implemented yet (don't forget there's 2 years of development remaining).

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Looks great! Looking forward to see those shadows in action, both on the planet and also in space... :)

About the ~two more years left for development...

Have you considered putting more emphasis on gameplay development first, and then later do the core graphics development?

Computer Graphics is one of the fastest evolving elements in computer science, and as a professional game developer I have seen too many projects get their 3D engine rewritten by the end of the development cycle as it has been outdated during development.

But, it is more fun to do graphics, and it will draw more attention to your proect, so it might be a good approach anyways, although just wanted to share my eperience it might give you more work in total... :)

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It's not a matter of "being more fun". It's a matter of:

1. Getting public exposure early; acquiring a fan base does not take a week. And the public wouldn't be attracted as much without something nice to look at.

2. With public exposure, attracting modelers and artists in order to produce the content needed for release.

3. The development of the graphics/game engine is a necessary step in order to license the engine in end-2006, and get money (hopefully) to finance the rest of the development.

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