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I was planning on making some more complex demos, but it looks like I'm going to be very busy next week, so you'll have to settle for this crap. Hooray for run-on sentences! Also they're in C, not C++. Oh well, everyone loves C.

Horizontal Scrolling "Desert" Demo

Not much point in this one except to show never-ending horizontal scrolling. Use the arrow keys to move.

Vertical / Parallax Scrolling "Gundam" Demo

Shows how to do never-ending vertical parallax scrolling. No controls.

Collision Testing / Mouse Scrolling "Charlie" Demo

The one shown in my previous post. Hover the mouse over tiles to see their collision bounds(see screenshot). Also use the mouse to scroll (like in Warcraft).

I've included the source to them all along with some helper functions I've made. The .tsp maps and their generated headers are there too. Also included is my plugin(.tsd) for converting maps to C headers, but it currently only outputs the tile indices, bounds and hex values. I still have to figure out how to do animations.

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What's this? Tabbing in your source??

Cool stuff, they all work perfectly here.

Have fun being busy.

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What's this? Tabbing in your source??

You see once their was another Scet.

An evil Scet that didn't format his code.

So I killed him.

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Doesn't look that hard to port! [wink]

Once I get the time, I'll try porting it to C# and SDL.NET. Very nicely done, Scet. I love you.

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