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It's been a while since I last updated this journal. Let me see, what have I been doing?
Jiggly text
I fixed the wiggle text on the private message notification. This also fixed issues people have been having with the menus on various pages too.

Other dev stuff
I'm working on some other stuff to help a few of you; specifically city and profile updates. There's also a bunch of stuff that you lot will never see (unless you're a mod, so quit asking). There's also a bit of NeHe work to do; so all you people thinking that NeHe is dead, it's not! It'll be headed up by a very capable member of our team, so your premier OpenGL resource ain't going nowhere, baby!

Spotlight & Interviews
I've been talking to the guys who've made LAST MAN STANDING, a Doom3 mod that's placed in the finals for the IGF competition. I'll be having an interview up soon with the rest of the IGF interviews.

Spotlight is creeping on nicely; a couple of illnesses have slowed it down a little, but it's nothing that will rock the boat too much. I'm almost done with the first article, so I guess it'll be showing up some time in the next few weeks.

SiCrane, staff
You should congratulate SiCrane on his staff appointment; it's come not a day too soon =)

Personal Stuff

Sadly, most of my personal projects are collecting dust right now.

gmSDL is halted midway between 0.1 and 0.2, mainly because I don't have time to work on it. But I'll find the time soon, my pretties. I have a partially complete PacMan clone and a half-done JetLag clone coded up on it, ready to port to the GP2X - but they're still waiting for my time.

Again, another project that's stuck in limbo. I'm currently messing around with more advanced templates to bring it up to scratch.

Another project that's asleep. I've not had any time to even look at it in the past few weeks. Work has gone sleepy on it since I've made it GP2X ready; I've not actually tested it out on the GP2X hardware yet though... :(

GMScript Article #3
Although #2 isn't posted yet (it's in the queue), I need to get working on part 3 of the article. It's really needed to show off the advanced features, such as co-op threading and such. From there, I want to write a GMScript manual to replace the current chickenscratch text that it gets shipped with.

Mainly been working on and - she wanted the content (and scripting) swapping between the sites; so that's sucked up a bunch of design time. I also need to fix the various firefox issues now I've got it installed.

My IPA is drinkable and gets you very drunk. I have also put a Black Moor Stout on, which will be conditioning the whole time I'm in australia - mmmm.
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Yay! you've fixed the wiggly private message thingy! wheeeeee!!

Um, good stuff there Evolutional!, good work, cool, brilliant [grin]

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Someone's been busy...

Kinda puts my lack of productivity into focus - I should really get something (anything!) done soon.

Keep up the good work though [wink]

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The second article for the spotlight should be done some time early next week too, just waiting for some material. [smile]

Looking forward to seeing what we can do with this series, I think it's got a lot of promise.

Also, good job with the fixes you've been doing.

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Spotlight is creeping on nicely; a couple of illnesses have slowed it down a little


My IPA is drinkable and gets you very drunk.

Hmmm... [grin]

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