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Busy little bee

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Sunday, Feb 12

w00t! Marathon coding session!

So GC is officially ready for its second internal release, right on schedule - even a few days early. Huzzah!

Tonight I worked on a bunch of stuff. I got the special systems working in Imperialism mode, so now that's completely checked off. Next I got Blitzkreig up and running. That was a little tougher than I thought it would be, but I also managed to discover and clean up a few bugs in the game-/turn-timer code. I also shortened the animation that plays before a planet explodes from 1s to 0.5s to make explosions happen faster. Looks muuuch better. Then I disabled some buttons in the Mini Conquest setup menu that controlled the AI settings for a player, which aren't implemented yet. I also enabled the Special System Density buttons in the menu and implemented it in the game. Now you can select 4 Density modes: Default mode leaves the map alone - any pre-placed special systems remain on the map. None mode wipes the map of any pre-placed special systems. Low mode wipes any pre-placed systems and generates random special systems in random locations across 10% of the map. Medium mode is 30% and High mode is 50%. Then, I added bindings to the Esc key in all the menus so you didn't have to click the Return buttons if you didn't want to. Finally, I used TorqueDB and exposed the image datablock creation for particle effect image maps so my artist can add image maps to the game for use with the particle engine.

There still remains an issue that I need to resolve, which is the game sometimes running in a resolution other than 1024x768 on other machines. To do that I'll have to test it on another computer, which I can't do until I package and upload it, which will take to long, it's almost 6am and I wanna go to bed :P

But that's the deal. GC has hit release #2, which will be demoed this weekend. Release #3 will feature AI and be demoed at GDC. On track and on sched. Awesome.

k nite
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