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More Level 2 stuff

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I've mostly been working on the layout of Level 2, Trying to add more terrain to the level. Enemies are plentiful in the level, but I still have to add some new types. I was way off when I said I could get this done in a weekend.[smile]

One thing I haven't decided on is what will be the boss of Level 2. I'm thinking it will be a large, huminoid robot this time. I don't have much more than that yet.

Finally, you'll probably notice my new avatar, which is a 3D model of Stompy's head. I had an expired version of MilkShape on my desktop (from when I tried to do 3D programming), and I figured even though I couldn't save anything I could probably put it to good use. I guess I'm not as bad at 3D modeling as I thought.
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