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Congrats SiCrane!

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SiCrane was named a Staff member on Saturday during our bi-weekly meeting. Elevation to this rank of the GDNet pantheon is a feat approximately equal in coolness to any of the following:

-- finding a whole roll of Pineapple Life-savers that you forgot about in a jacket pocket
-- discovering that your Mag-Lite flashlight is, in actuality, a powerful lightsaber that can slice through steel girders with the ease of a hot knife through butter
-- getting to relive that scene in Back to the Future where Marty turns Doc's amps up to maximum volume, plays a chord, and is hurled against the opposite wall
-- falling into a vat of radioactive waste and then emerging with the supernatural ability to punch Michael Moore in the face at will, no matter the separation between the two of you in space-time
-- extension methods in C# 3.0, mmm

Drop him a line and give him some warm fuzzies, and tell him I sent you. =)
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In other words, lambda expressions are cooler than SiCrane becoming staff, of which I agree! MUAHAHAHAH (grats to SiCrane).

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