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Particle System update

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Lots of progress on the particle system...added muzzle flashes, fixed the explosion to look cool...I'm also working on adding grenades/rocket launchers/sniper rifles into the game. I'm also giving gangsters the ability to throw any item in their inventory.

Players will also have the ability to blow up buildings in the game, so I'm adding bombs into the game. I'm still working on how to fit it into the gameplay, one things for sure it will look awesome to see buildings blown up/on fire throughout the city...I can't wait to get that in there.

As a side now, I've fixed the way the smoke blends with the ground also, so now everything looks pretty good (IMHO) in regards to the particle system.

I still have some tweaking to do on the muzzle flashes, and shell casings.

Video download for the explosions/early muzzle flash (10MB)

Here's some preview images of the video:

- Dan
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Maybe it's just the video, but the explosions look more like flashes. A flame that big doesn't just disappear. They should fade out more slowly, maybe floating up from the ground, and leaving smoke behind.

With all that, I can imagine the current explosions looking really cool =)

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Wow. The flashes and casings look very nice. Personally, my favorite part was seeing all the pedestrians flee when you opened up. Can't wait to test this.

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