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Well I figured out how to use TileStudio animations/sequences.

The water does move, screenshots aren't that great at showing animations. [wink]

Here is the new code / demo.

By Rob Loach
Should I wait until the C version is further in development before attempting a C# port?

It's probably not going to get any more developed, unless you're waiting for me to make a whole game out if it. With my current track record of success that could be sometime next century. It already supports everything I need it for anyway: never-ending scrolling, collision testing, animations and the regular map rendering.

Also does anyone know of anything I could make using this that wouldn't require months of work? I know Pac-Man would work, but I've done that more than enough times [rolleyes]
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How much artwork are you prepared to make?

Side-scrolling space/plane shooters shouldn't be that hard to make (although I do recall my one died a slow death back in November). You could do some tiled backgrounds or clouds, maybe?

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Drawing isn't really my-thing, I couldn't draw a 16x16 tile to save my life, but I'll try.

I always found Side-scrolling space/plane shooters kinda boring :\ I was thinking more platform / rpg (Zelda type) instead or something arcade style like pac-man (but not pac-man).

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That's sooo nice, the water moves very smoothly.

As you know I decided to do a Tile Studio interface for the new engine I'm working on so that I could learn how to do it before attempting to make one for SDL.NET/Tao.Sdl . I'm having troubles figuring out the sequences.... I'll have to give a longer look at your C implementation later on. I got the tile number and map codes working with Boo though....

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