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Wow, that's f***ed up

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Well, I was prepping the release version of GC to ship out to the team. I went to copy all my directories into the Release folder where I do final packaging seperate from the development folder and I accidentally click dragged instead of right-click dragged. Sp I started moving files until Windows asked me if I wanted to move a system file (thumbs.db). That's when I canceled, but I forgot that doesn't return any files already moved. So then I actually copied them over. Now I can't distribute any source files so I use a batch command file (del /s *.cs) to remove all the source files and leave the compiled source files (.dso). However it seems that in the move Windows managed to move all my source files/folders into the Release directory.


The cruelty is that as far as I can tell, the source files were pretty much the only things that were moved before I canceled the operation. Someone up there definetly doesn't like me.

I have backups... from my last release a week ago. I was going to back up this release as well... after I packaged it. And here I was afraid of drive failure at the start of the year. Yeesh

So I'm not totally screwed, but having to redo a week's worth of work... well. Yea.

And forget the data recovery, tried some freeware apps and couldn't get anything worthwhile [sad] Oh well, hopefully this weekend I'll be able to reclaim my lost time - at least I know what I'm doing, even if I have to do it all over again *sigh*
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